Ford Motor Company

Production Passenger Car Diesel Engine Controls for Ford Puma Engine


In order to meet customer requirements, Pi Innovo was required to seamlessly integrate with the OEM team and take full responsibility for the 5 cylinder version of the Ford Puma Engine.


Pi Innovo worked with a leading OEM on a clean sheet engine development for a new diesel engine program.  Pi responsibilities included:

Designing engine control strategies including the diesel pump communications interface and coolant temperature management
Developed diagnostic monitors for all I/O comprehensive components to meet E-OBD requirements
Emissions functions such as EGR control
Ancillary functions, HMI and CAN drivers
Support of software and system DVP activities including the use of S.A.S.D. (Structured Analysis Structured Design)
CASE (Computer Aided Software Engineering) tools (Cadre Teamwork) to model all the software functionality
Custom tool-chain generation – Unit testing of the software was derived from the Teamwork design models and used Pi’s own Test Harness Generator (THG) tool modified to run within the customer’s development environment.
High level functional testing of the software on engine simulator and Hardware-in-loop (HiL) test benches.
Our engagement saw the development through to Job 1.

Pi was again involved when the same engine was converted to a common rail fuel system.  This time Pi Innovo engineers were responsible for:

Many of the OBD features, including misfire detection, EGR flow tests, injector/pump fault detection and other I/O monitors
Various adaptive learning features for the fuel pump and pilot injections

Pi Innovo performed the full development of the 5 cylinder engine variant, including novel algorithms to manage the fuel quantity delivered in the face of fuel pressure variations in the common fuel rail.

Developed initial architecture concepts
Wrote prototype code to evaluate and test
Developed to meet production requirements
Coded the final version into production system.

Results and Impact

The engine control system was successfully launched into production and maintained in production over the different variants.

This engine (and its control system) was ultimately used by three different OEMs with production volumes of 450,000 units per year.

Project Features

Production software


8 years